Our War: Good versus Evil

Our world is fundamentally divided into two sides that are at war, Good versus Evil. On one side are God and the Forces of Good, including angels, good souls, and human beings aligned with God helping others and working to make our world a better place. On the other side are Satan and the Forces of Evil, including fallen angels (also called demons), condemned souls that did the work of Satan during their lifetimes, and human beings that are doing the work of Satan. Each human being chooses a side during their lifetime by their actions.

The ultimate goals of Satan and the Forces of Evil are to destroy human beings, take as many souls hostage to Hell as possible, and to cause as much pain and suffering to human beings as possible. Satan and his minions deceive human beings into believing that they and God do not exist; tempt human beings to commit sins; divide and cause conflict by telepathically implanting thoughts and dreams into human beings in order to trigger counter-productive actions, often utilizing human vanity as a means to manipulation; generate controversy through misinformation and lies; and use differences of religion, politics, ethnicity, nationality, and other criteria to inspire human conflict, chaos, violence, and destruction. The highest prevalence of demonic activity is focused on human manipulation towards destructive ends. Examples include: the creation of international military tensions and triggering war; tempting human beings to sin; destroying human lives through addictions; and causing human beings to feel so depressed, isolated, and hopeless that they commit suicide.

A demon’s typical approach to attacking a human being is to isolate them from supportive relationships in order to make them more vulnerable and weaken their will. Escalation of demonic activity often follows this progression: infestation (demonic attachment to a location or object), oppression (targeting a specific individual with actions that inspire fear as well as physical attacks), obsession (sometimes called attachment, entails targeting an individual with mental attacks), and in rare cases, possession.

The videos listed below are helpful for understanding the Battle of Good Versus Evil as well as provide different perspectives on the Immortality of the Soul. While a solid foundation for this knowledge can be derived from the Holy Scriptures, the books listed under the Recommended Books tab are very informative and practical as well. Several of these books provide helpful prayers, guidance on living a healthy spiritual life, the dangers of not having one, and how to protect yourself from the Forces of Evil. Additional videos and books will be added over time.

Videos on the Battle of Good Versus Evil:

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The book, New Proof of God & Satan, reveals a major discovery and critical information to inspire international peace and improve the quality of life.

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Videos covering perspectives on the Immortality of the Soul:

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