About US

Bring Humanity Together is committed to providing inspiration and strengthening faith for all good souls. Through education and valuable resources, Bring Humanity Together promotes faith, peace, collaboration, and good works for the purpose of making our world a safer and better place. Bring Humanity Together is also a publisher of informative nonfiction books.

Our Vision:

Bring humanity together to make our world a safer and better place.

Our Mission:

Remediate suffering and improve the quality of life by providing education, sharing wisdom, and delivering good works.

Our Goals:

  1. Convince humanity that God and Satan as well as the forces of Good and Evil exist, explain the impact that they have on our lives and on our world, and the importance of living a healthy faith life.

  2. Convey the sacred nature of life and the importance of helping others.

  3. Promote peace and collaboration for implementing effective
    approaches to existential threats and to other major problems faced by humanity.

  4. Promote humane treatment of all pets and all domesticated animals.

  5. Promote sustainability and protection of our environment, natural resources, and wildlife.

Bring Humanity Together