Our War: Good versus Evil

Our world is fundamentally divided into two sides that are at war, Good versus Evil. While different religious faiths have different perspectives, the overwhelming majority accept the realities of the war between Good and Evil. Every human being is born into this war and each human being chooses a side during their lifetime by their actions.

On one side are the God Of All Creation, the spiritual Forces of Good, and good souls working to make our world a better place. On the other side are Satan and the Forces of Evil, including fallen angels (also called demons), additional spiritual entities opposed to God and human beings, and human beings that are doing the work of Satan. We know the aforementioned not only from theology, scriptures, and traditions, but also from the testimony of highly experienced exorcists regarding the many interrogations of and answers from tormented, weakened, and infuriated demons right before they are cast out of their victims.

The ultimate goals of Satan and the Forces of Evil are to destroy human beings, take as many souls hostage to Hell as possible, and to cause as much pain and suffering to human beings as possible. Satan and his minions deceive human beings into believing that they and God do not exist; tempt human beings to commit sins; divide and cause conflict by telepathically implanting thoughts and dreams into human beings in order to trigger counter-productive actions, often utilizing human vanity for the purpose of manipulation; generate controversy through misinformation and lies; and use differences of religion, politics, ethnicity, nationality, and other criteria to inspire human conflict, chaos, violence, and destruction. The highest prevalence of demonic activity is focused on human manipulation towards destructive ends. Examples include: the creation of international military tensions and triggering war; tempting human beings to commit sins; destroying human lives through addictions; and causing human beings to feel so depressed, isolated, and hopeless that they commit suicide.

A demon’s typical approach to attacking a human being is to isolate them from supportive relationships in order to make them more vulnerable and weaken their will. Escalation of demonic activity might start with infestation (demonic attachment to a location/property that the human being moves into or resides in) or the deliberate targeting of a human being. The typical progression is: oppression (targeting a specific individual externally with actions that inspire fear, introduce hardships and afflictions, and may entail physical attacks), obsession (entails targeting an individual internally with mental attacks progressing to a critical point when the individual is unable to discern the difference between their own thoughts and those implanted by the demon), and in relatively rare cases, possession (when the demon has complete control of the human being’s body and behavior at least some of the time). A totally different scenario but more common than many people believe is the circumstance of perfect possession, where an individual willingly pledges allegiance to Satan or to a specific demon, and accepts demonic possession in exchange for financial wealth, power, and or other desired benefits.

The key to success for the good souls of this world is to bring humanity together by recognizing that we are all children of God, that we have a responsibility to help each other and to make our world a better place, and that we all have a common enemy in the Forces of Evil. Ideally, we will encourage and help each other, be strong in faith based upon practicing a healthy faith life, and set an honorable example by being the best that we can be each day.

Bring Humanity Together encourages a logical and scientific approach to understanding our world and our situation as well as global collaboration among people of all faiths, perspectives, professions, vocations, and experiences. It is imperative that all good souls work together to spread truth, inspire faith, and encourage good works.

Bring Humanity Together