Christian Prayers

Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle,
be our protector against the wickedness and snares of the devil;
may God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about
the world seeking the ruin of souls.

Prayer against Malefice

Kyrie Eleison.
God, our Lord, King of ages.
All-powerful and All-mighty,
you who made everything and who transform
everything simply by your will.
You who in Babylon changed into dew
the flames of the “seven times hotter” furnace
and protected and saved the three holy children.
You are the doctor and the physician of our soul.
You are the salvation of those who turn to you.
We beseech you to make powerless,
banish and drive out every diabolic power,
presence and machination;
every evil influence, malefice or evil eye
and all evil actions aimed against your servant (name).
Where there is envy and malice, give us an
abundance of goodness, endurance, victory,
and charity.
O’Lord, you who love man, we beg you to reach
out your powerful hands and your most high and mighty
arms and come to our aid.
Help us, who are made in your image;
send the angel of peace over us,
to protect us body and soul.
May he keep at bay and vanquish every evil power,
every poison or malice invoked against us
by corrupt and envious people.
Then, under the protection of your authority may
we sing, in gratitude,
“The Lord is my salvation; whom should I fear? I
will not fear evil because you are with me,
my God, my strength, my powerful Lord,
Lord of peace and Father of all ages.”
Yes, Lord our God, be merciful to us, your image,
and save your servant (name) from every threat or harm;
from the evil one, and protect (him/her)
by raising (him/her) above all evil.
We ask you this through the intercession
of our Most Blessed, Glorious Lady,
Mary ever Virgin, Mother of God,
of the most splendid Archangels
and All your Saints.

Prayer against Every Evil

of our God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
Most Holy Trinity, Immaculate Virgin Mary,
Angels, Archangels, and Saints of Heaven, descend
upon me.
Please purify me, Lord, mold me,
fill me with yourself and use me.
Banish all the forces of evil from me,
destroy them, vanquish them,
so that I can be healthy and do good deeds.
Banish from me all spells, witchcraft, black magic,
malefice, ties, maledictions, and the evil eye;
diabolic infestations, oppressions, possessions;
all that is evil and sinful,
jealousy, perfidy, envy;
physical, psychological, moral,
spiritual, diabolical ailments.
Burn all these evils in hell,
that they may never again touch me
or any other creature in the entire world.
I command and bid all the powers
who molest me – by the power of God all powerful,
in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior;
through the intercession
of the Immaculate Virgin Mary – to leave me forever,
and to be consigned into the everlasting hell,
where they will be bound by Saint Michael
the Archangel, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael,
and our Guardian Angels,
and where they will be crushed
under the heel of the Immaculate Virgin Mary.

Prayer for Deliverance #1

My Lord, you are all powerful,
you are God, you are Father.
We beg you through the intercession and help
of the Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel
for the deliverance of our brothers and sisters
who are enslaved by the evil one.
All saints of Heaven, come to our aid.

From anxiety, sadness, and obsessions,
We beg you, Free us, O Lord.
From hatred, fornication, and envy,
We beg you, Free us, O Lord.
From thoughts of jealousy, rage, and death,
We beg you, Free us, O Lord.
From every thought of suicide and abortion,
We beg you, Free us, O Lord.
From every form of sinful sexuality,
We beg you, Free us, O Lord.
From every division in our family,
and every harmful friendship,
We beg you, Free us, O Lord.
From every sort of spell, malefice, and witchcraft,
and every form of the occult,
We beg you, Free us, O Lord.

Lord, you who said,
“I leave you peace, my peace I give you”,
grant that, through the intercession
of the Virgin Mary, we may be liberated
from every evil spell and enjoy your peace always.
In the name of Christ, our Lord.

Prayer for Deliverance #2

O Jesus our Savior,
my Lord and my God,
my God and my all.
With Your sacrifice of the Cross,
You redeemed us and defeated the power of Satan.
I beg You to deliver me from every evil presence
and every evil influence.
I ask You in Your name,
I ask you for the sake of Your Wounds,
I ask you for the sake of Your Blood,
I ask you for the sake of Your Cross,
I ask you through the intercession of Mary,
Immaculate and sorrowful.

May the blood and water that flow from Your side
wash over me to purify me, deliver me, and heal me.

Prayer for Protection

Lord Jesus Christ,
in your love and mercy,
establish a perimeter of protection around myself
and all my loved ones, those who pray for us,
and their loved ones as well.

May the Holy Angels guard me and all my possessions,
establishing a perimeter of protection around me rendering
me immune from any kind of demonic influence.

I ask that no demonic bondage, door, demonic entity, portal,
astral projection or disembodied spirit may enter the space
100 yards in all directions of me.
I ask that any demons within this vicinity be rendered deaf, dumb,
and blind; that You would strip them of all weapons, armor, power,
illusions, and authority;
that You would bind , rebuke, and disable them from
communicating or interacting with each other in any way.

Remove them, O Lord, and send them directly to the foot of
Your Cross. O Jesus, Son of the Most High, I ask this in
Your Glorious and Most Holy Name. Amen.

Anime Christi

Soul of Christ, sanctify me;
Body of Christ, save me;
Blood of Christ, inebriate me;
Water from the side of Christ, wash me;
Passion of Christ, strengthen me;
O good Jesus, hear me;
Within your wounds, hide me;
Let me never be separated from you;
From the evil one, protect me;
At the hour of my death, call me;
And bid me come to you; that with your saints;
I may praise you forever and ever.

Breathe on me

Breath on me, Breath of God,
fill me with life anew,
that I may love what thou dost love,
and I do what thou wouldst do.

Breath on me, Breath of God,
until my heart is pure,
until my will is one with thine,
to do and to endure.

Breath on me, Breath of God,
til I am wholly thine,
until this earthly part of me
glows with thy fire divine.

Breath on me, Breath of God,
so shall I never die;
but live with thee the perfect life
of thine eternity.

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